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End the violence

Unite condemns deadly govt attacks at peaceful Turkish demo
Hajera Blagg, Monday, October 12th, 2015

Unite expressed its outrage at the brutal attack on the demonstration for peace that occurred yesterday (October 11) in Ankara, Turkey. The blasts have left nearly 100 people dead and hundreds injured and Unite extends its solidarity and deepest sympathy to all of the victims.



The demonstration was organised by brave trade unionists, NGOs and political activists, all of whom are desperate for peace and demand an end to the violence that Erdogan’s government is perpetrating against the Kurdish population, trade unionists and human rights activists in general.



Unite issued a statement from its last Executive Council (September 2015) that called on the Turkish government to end its attacks, release the imprisoned Kurdish leader Ocalan and immediately restart the peace talks.



“We reiterate that call today,” said Unite international director Simon Dubbins.



“Unite has always been extremely concerned at the poor record of the Turkish state in relation to human and workers’ rights and has always stood shoulder to shoulder with the brave men and women who have sought to change the situation,” he added.



“The recent actions of the Turkish government are deplorable and have been undertaken with its own political self interest in mind,” Dubbins went on to say.



“The language and actions used by the government are aimed at creating a climate of fear and intimidation ahead of the pending election and serve precisely to create the atmosphere in which such atrocities take place.”



Dubbins noted that Unite will continue to stand in solidarity with all those progressive forces that seek to bring about peace and change.



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