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‘Fit for the future’

Jeremy Corbyn to address Unite Scotland conference
Barckley Sumner, Friday, October 20th, 2017

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will address the conference of Unite, Scotland’s biggest union as delegates debate motions on the big issues facing Scotland’s working people, from the rising cost of living to the deterioration of public services caused by years of senseless austerity.


The conference will be held on the last weekend of October (October 28-29).


Also debated will be calls for the public ownership of the country’s ferry and rail networks, as well as action to arrest the 30 year decline in Scotland’s manufacturing base.


Jobs minister Keith Brown will address the conference on the Scottish government’s economic and fairer work priorities followed by a question and answer session with delegates.


Campaigns to ‘Save our Scotch’, which calls for Scottish whisky to be bottled in Scotland, and to ensure that the new rental pressure zone powers are used to assist young and low paid workers, will be launched.


There will also be a debate on the need to move to home rule to give Scotland wider powers over areas such as national defence and interest rates. Scotland’s democracy would be reinvigorated by extending votes at 16 to all elections, the conference will hear.


Speaking ahead of the conference, Unite’s Scottish secretary Pat Rafferty said, “Scotland’s working people are facing massive challenges. Now more than ever they need strong trade unions like Unite to take on austerity and stand up to employers who ride roughshod over workers’ rights.


“I am proud to say that this union is determined to drive out inequality, spread prosperity fairly and play our part in making Scotland a country fit for the future.”

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