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‘Battle for fair pay’

Low paid cleaners call for a living wage at Luton Airport
Ciaran Naidoo, Tuesday, August 7th, 2018


Over 100 low paid cleaners at Luton Airport employed by Sasse Group are calling for their pay to be brought in line with the real living wage of £8.75.


The workers who are responsible for maintaining a safe and clean environment for staff and passengers at Luton Airport are currently struggling to make ends meet on the minimum wage of £7.83. Sasse have offered to increase their pay by between 15p and 20p an hour, well below the Real Living Wage.


The cleaners are the second group of workers at Luton airport to demand fair pay.


The cleaners have joined with staff at Luton Airport responsible for helping disabled passengers. The workers employed by Clece Care Services are on a toxic combination of zero hours and the minimum wage. The workers have taken a brave stand by taking two periods of strike action.


“Growing passenger numbers at Luton means that keeping the airport safe and clean for staff and passengers is hard work,” said Unite regional officer Jeff Hodge. “Cleaners deserve a living wage so they can afford the day-to-day essentials.


“Profits are up for Sasse and Luton Airport announced profits of £39,651 million,” he added. “Together they must address the scourge of low pay for cleaners at the airport. The cleaners have been angered by a paltry pay offer of just 15p an hour for the day shift and 20p for night shift workers.


“Workers employed by Clece to provide services to disabled passengers at Luton are also in a battle for fair pay at Luton.  They are on a toxic combination of zero hours and the minimum wage.


“With healthy profits and growing passenger numbers, Luton and its contractors have no excuse for paying workers below the Real Living Wage.”


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