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Luton Airport pay offer rejected

Luton Airport baggage handlers to strike over pay and poor treatment
Ciaran Naidoo, Monday, July 9th, 2018

Baggage handlers at Luton Airport have voted to reject a new pay offer from their employer Menzies Aviation which workers say still fails to recognise their hard work and the rising cost of living.


Unite is meeting with Menzies today ( July 9) to urge them to resolve the dispute. Strike action by workers employed by Menzies Aviation is due to begin at 3am on July 20,  concluding at 1.59pm on July 22, 2018.


According to the company’s latest annual report, Menzies Aviation increased its underlying profit by 72 per cent to £58.8 million and workers believe the company can do more to recognise the contribution they have made to the success of the company.


“Menzies Aviation boosted its profits by a massive 72 per cent and workers at Luton Airport believe the company can do more to recognise their hard-work,” said Unite regional officer Jeff Hodge. “Baggage handlers have also accused Menzies of failing to communicate, breaking agreements and reneging on promises including a commitment to improve working conditions.


“Unite is meeting with Menzies today and we urge them to recognise the workers’ grievances and resolve this dispute.”

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