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‘People’s Post Office’

Privatised Royal Mail ‘race to the bottom’ slammed
Hajera Blagg, Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

In a show of solidarity with fellow trade union colleagues at the CWU, Unite delegate Kevin Terry spoke in support of an emergency motion on the Royal Mail and its future.


“We are continuing our own intentions to do all we can with our own members to join you in taking industrial action,” he told Congress.


“Royal Mail has repeatedly attacked its workforce pay, terms, conditions and future pensions in a continuing race to the bottom since privatisation.


“Unite members share the concerns of CWU members – not just on the theft of pensions but on the need for a secure future for the Royal Mail Group, including its return to public ownership and control as the ‘People’s Post Office’,” Terry added.


He said that this future cannot be built on what he called the “weak foundations of privatisation, deregulation and ever more insecure contracting and employment models.”


Drawing on his experience working as a driver for two different agencies contracted by the Royal Mail, Terry noted he has seen the policies of privatisation in action.


“All of us supported the fight against privatisation and will continue to support the campaign to defend our members pensions and our Royal Mail and Post Office, returning to public ownership under a Labour government already proudly committed to do it,” Terry affirmed as he called on Congress to support the emergency motion.


The motion was passed.

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