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‘Stand up for a better deal’

Unite will join thousands demanding ‘new deal’ tomorrow
Ryan Fletcher, Friday, May 11th, 2018

Thousands of protestors, including Unite members from across the country will gather in London tomorrow (May 8) for a TUC rally calling for a “new deal for working people”.


Set to be one of the biggest demonstrations of the year, protesters will march through central London calling for decent jobs, better pay, stronger rights, a growing economy that works for all and fully funded, free at the point of use public services.


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will be among those addressing protestors once the march reaches its destination of Hyde Park.


The protest comes in response to eight years of damaging Tory rule. Austerity has decimated public services, left the NHS on the brink of collapse and caused untold misery for some of the most vulnerable in our society.


Tory havoc  

Meanwhile Conservative economic policy has wreaked havoc with people’s lives: Real wages are still lower than before the crash of 2008 and insecure and badly paid work is rampant.


Just this week it was revealed that in 2018 a million more children from working households are set to be living in poverty than in 2010, while just under 4m people are trapped in zero hour contracts, agency work and bogus self-employment.


Unite general secretary Len McCluskey urged members to join the march and make their voices heard.


“(Tomorrow) people and their unions will stand together to send a message to the government. That message is ‘we’ve had enough’. We’ve had enough of your toxic Tory cuts,” McCluskey said.


“Enough of wages that are worth less today than they were 10 years ago. Enough of poor pay and insecure jobs. Of crumbling schools and hospitals. Of an easy ride for Tony donors and the wealthy few, and misery for the rest. We know that Britain can, and should be better than this. So come on, let’s stand up for a better deal. See you there.”


Protesters are assembling at 11 am at Victoria Embankment, central London, before moving off at 12 pm to reach the rally at Hyde Park, which finishes at 4 pm.



Unite is providing transport for members from across the country who want to join the march. For more details click here.






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