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Osborne Voodoonomics

The Chinese stock market bubble has burst and China has had its own “Black Monday” (on 23 August).  Its economic growth is slowing down and... Read More
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Carney-age at the Bank

As the Bank of England dumped a data reservoir of cold water over Osborne’s claims of a ‘motoring’ economy and economic miracle, the Governor is... Read More

Wages growth mirage

Wages are expected to grow at the fastest rate since before the crash, many newspapers reported earlier this week. It’s good news on the surface,... Read More
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Down below zero

  Deflation, slow growth, pay in the doldrums, household debt on the rise, productivity stagnant. Can we survive more austerity?     So prices in... Read More
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Still waiting

When chancellor George Osborne gave his speech to outline the government’s budget earlier this month, he hailed the UK’s supposedly growing economy, calling it the... Read More
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Half a job George

“Mr Speaker, I have failed”, Chancellor George Osborne will tell the Commons on budget day. “Because I have failed we need five more years of... Read More
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Zero hours nation

Zero-hours contracts are on a worrying upward trajectory, according to figures released today (February 25) by the Office of National Statistics (ONS).   Comparing the... Read More
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Bogus recovery

Chancellor George Osborne repeated himself like a broken record yesterday (January 28), saying the “recovery was on track,” after new figures released showing growth last... Read More