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‘Action not words’

Gender pay gap data published by large companies each year could be riddled with errors, according to new research.   More than 500 companies most... Read More

NHS pay gap shock

A shocking pay gap between black and white NHS staff – in some cases one of up to nearly £10,000 -- has been revealed by... Read More
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Mind the pay gap

The Prime Minister has said more companies should voluntary publish their gender pay gap figures, a move Unite said would “amount to very little” in... Read More
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Equal pay now

Despite years of progress on the gender pay gap, the difference in pay between women and men is still wide — it now stands at... Read More

Watered down

In the UK today, it takes a typical chief executive three days to earn what their employees earn in an entire year.   Rising pay... Read More
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Gender pay gap persists

The gender pay gap in the UK remains stubbornly high – despite so many advances in equalities over the last half century, women still only... Read More