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Unite Policy Conference 2018

‘You will not pass’

June 9th last month marked the largest mobilisation of the far right since the 1930s, when about 15,000 people gathered in a racist demonstration in... Read More
Unite Policy Conference 2018

Extend the vote call

2018 marks 100 years since many women and men workers, including farmworkers, first gained the vote. Unite delegates agreed on Monday (July 2) that now... Read More
TUC 2018

Stamp out racism

Far from being a thing of the past, racism is still very much embedded in all our social structures – from the criminal justice system... Read More

Fair play?

As the season opens we ask is racism still an issue in UK football? And with only two black managers in the football league, Unite... Read More

‘This disgraceful gap’

“Huge gaps” remain between the living standards of different ethnic groups, new research shows.   An average Bangladeshi household makes £8,900 less than a white... Read More

Xmas deliveries threat

Staff at UPS Parcels in central London will strike for two days next week, which will disrupt the firm’s deliveries in the run-up to Christmas,... Read More