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Where’s the hope, Theresa?

Queen’s Speech: May misses the point
Len McCluskey, Unite general secretary, Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

It was an opportunity for Theresa May and her discredited government to heed the voice of millions who voted for a change of direction by ditching failing austerity for a brighter future.


Instead we got a Queen’s Speech, which devoid of the contents of the Tories’ toxic manifesto, is more an attempted lifeline for Theresa May than offering the meaningful life changes the people of this country need.



There was silence on the public sector pay cap, which has left those who care for our sick, clean our streets and help keep us safe struggling to make ends meet.


No word either on the need to significantly boost the minimum wage and put money in people’s wallets to stop the longest period of falling real terms pay since the Napoleonic wars.


There will be no early, much-needed respite for hard pressed renters with action on landlords and agents to ban extortionate letting fees kicked into the long grass in the form of a draft bill.


We now face a two year battle to prevent the Tory party from using the Brexit process to take apart the employment and safety protections we all value, but are regarded as obstructive ‘red tape’ by government ministers and Tory backbenchers.


The Tories had a chance today to show that they understand the issues of this country – growing poverty, insecurity, the need for decent work, public safety and a chance for our young people.


They failed. The sooner they are gone, the better.

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