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‘Stop and scrap’

Unite’s Dave Allan calls for Universal Credit to abandoned
Hajera Blagg, Monday, September 24th, 2018

In a brief interjection, Unite delegate Dave Allan spoke about the need to stop and scrap Universal Credit at the Labour Party conference today (September 24)


“It was my privilege to move at the TUC Congress in Manchester earlier this month that the policy on Universal Credit should be to immediately stop and scrap,” he said. “This was agreed unanimously.”


He told conference that “your disabled colleagues in the party are unanimous in demanding that this be done.”


“I’m sorry, [shadow work and pensions secretary] Margaret [Greenwood], but it isn’t good enough to stop and fix the anomalies,” Dave argued. “This is not possible as these anomalies are too numerous and wide ranging.


“Please support your disabled comrades and make the policy of our party in line with the disability and trade union movement. That is — a Labour Government should stop and scrap Universal Credit on day one.”



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