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Unite’s Joy Johnson’s hard-hitting commentary in poetry
Joy Johnson, Friday, October 11th, 2019

Knowledge dwindling.
Emotions shrivelling


I’m through the tunnel
You’re cutting out
Soon be at the station


Privacy invaded
Conversations shouted


Internet apparatus
Facebook ubiquitous


Texting. Tweeting


Endlessly shopping

Tap, tap, tapping


Cash now digits
Apps fixed by widgets.


Need a location?
Sat Nav application


Flashes destination
Telescoping digitalisation


Smart phones cradled
Thinking Googled


Eyes down addicted
Digitally distracted


Gigabytes, kilobytes
Memory mega-banks


No need to remember
Dumb and dumber


Flows of information
Knowledge an illusion


Lacking focus
Blunted hippocampus


Stop the world
I’m feeling nauseous.


  • Joy Johnson works in Unite’s political department

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