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‘A clear choice’

Unite GS welcomes Corbyn’s Brexit speech
Alex Flynn, Monday, February 26th, 2018

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey welcomed today’s (February 26) speech by Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit, saying it showed that people have a clear choice between a Labour Brexit putting people first, or a Tory Brexit that puts its own party interests above those of the nation.


“Jeremy Corbyn has shown that people really do have a choice on Brexit,” said Unite general secretary Len McCluskey.


“On the one hand, there is Labour which has pledged to build on the trading arrangements presently supporting millions of jobs in this country. A Corbyn government will also make it a priority to tackle the greedy bosses who have abused migrant workers to undermine employment conditions and attack the rate for the job.


“On the other hand, there are the Tories who are quite clearly putting their own party interests above those of the nation,” he added.


“This excellent speech today will also appeal to the employers with whom I speak to on a daily basis, and who tell me that the chronic uncertainty brought about by the government is causing the investment tap to be turned off.


“Jobs, living standards and sustaining peace in Norther Ireland desperately depend on getting the best Brexit deal possible,” McCluskey went on to say. “But this government is clearly incapable of agreeing among itself let alone with our European neighbours on the shape of our future.


“The sooner that they are gone and Labour can get on with the job of restoring our standing as a country and deliver on our hopes for a fairer nation, the better.”


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