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‘Ambitious and radical’

Labour launches general election campaign
Ryan Fletcher, Friday, November 1st, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn vowed to take action against “tax dodgers, bad bosses and big polluters” as he took aim at Britain’s “corrupt system” at the launch of Labour’s general election campaign yesterday (31 October).


Unite has welcomed the coming general election, with general secretary Len McCluskey stating the country needs to “get rid of this disastrous prime minister and put Jeremy Corbyn and Labour in power.


Highlighting Labour’s “ambitious and radical” strategy to build a fairer and more productive nation at the launch of the election campaign, Corbyn outlined plans to transform the economy and tackle the climate emergency.


Speaking in London, Corbyn promised,real action on the climate crisis by creating hundreds of thousands of new, green energy jobs in communities where they’re most desperately needed”.


He added, “This election is our last chance to tackle the climate emergency with a Green Industrial Revolution at the heart of Labour’s plan to transform Britain.


Corbyn said he would “get Brexit sorted” within six months by offering the public a vote on a “sensible Brexit deal” negotiated by Labour or the option to remain within the EU.


Born-to-rule Conservatives

Corbyn also hit out at Boris Johnson’s “born-to-rule Conservatives”, who he said are only interested in protecting the privileged few.


He said, “They’ve slashed taxes for the richest and vital services and support for everyone else. This election is a once-in-a-generation chance to transform our country, take on the vested interests holding people back and ensure that no community is left behind.


“When Labour wins, the nurse wins, the pensioner wins, the student wins, the office worker wins, the engineer wins. We all win.”


Corbyn stated that Labour’s election campaign would also focus on domestic issues such as raising the minimum wage, building affordable homes, nationalising “rail, mail and water” and ending Universal Credit.


Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said Labour’s strategy of campaigning on a broad range of issues was the right thing to do.


He told the BBC, “People are trying to say it will be just about Brexit. No it won’t. The Tories would like it to be about Brexit but it will beabout a lot more than Brexit. It will be about what type of nation we want Britain to be.”


On the issue of Brexit, McCluskey said Johnson’s deal with the EU would be an “absolute disaster” that would cost jobs and investment, while the Liberal Democrats are intent on ignoring the UK’s 17m leave voters by revoking Article 50 and cancelling Brexit altogether.


McCluskey said, “We need to expose (Johnson’s Brexit deal) and explain that Labour will negotiate a much better a deal, a credible deal, that will protect jobs and investment in our communities, and then that will go back to a confirmatory vote. Let the people decide.



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