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‘Invest in us’

Jobs assurances for Royal Mail managers sought by Unite
Shaun Noble, Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

Assurances about the future job security of Royal Mail managers is being sought by Unite following the company’s ‘poor’  financial statement this week.


Today (Thursday 23 May), Unite, which represents 6,000 managers, has written to Royal Mail’s chief executive Rico Back expressing its concerns, as the company announced a £1.8 billion turnaround plan for the next  five years in the UK postal service.


In the letter, Unite national officer Louisa Bull wrote, “The announcement yesterday (May 22) brings more questions around more potential headcount reductions.


“We are seeking reassurances around the long term job security of our members, so that we can enter into this next phase with a measure of stability amongst the manager population.


“As a union, we have dealt with some major changes in the business recently; changes to our pension scheme and the recent loss of 400 jobs that has led to a very unstable period and morale amongst the membership is at an unprecedented low.”


Louisa Bull said that Unite welcomed the £1.8 billion investment commitment, but also called for constructive engagement with Unite over future plans.


Louisa Bull added,“Delivering the new programme on the back of such poor results will be a challenge for everyone, and if our members are to play a key role in that success we need to know that the company is investing in us, retaining our posts, investing in our skills and ensuring that we are rewarded properly each year as we meet the demands that are placed upon us.”


The Royal Mail was privatised in controversial circumstances in 2013 amid claims that the shares were undervalued by the coalition government. The Royal Mail’s history stretches back 500 years to the reign of Henry VIII.


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