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MPs urged to vote for Heathrow third runway
Alex Flynn, Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Unite urged MPs to back Heathrow expansion when it is put to a vote in the coming weeks after UK government ministers finally gave a third runway the green light today (June 5).


Unite went on to warn that any further delay would further postpone the economic boost and jobs that Heathrow expansion will bring, while ‘gifting’ the airport’s international competitors, such as airports in Frankfurt and Paris a clear commercial advantage.


Unite is the biggest union at Heathrow representing over 34,000 workers who ease the passage of people and goods from one of the world’s busiest airports to destinations as far afield as Anchorage and Sydney.


“After repeated delays the government has finally given the green light to Heathrow’s expansion,” said Unite national officer Oliver Richardson. “Now it is critical for the wider economy that this additional capacity is delivered, and done so in a timely fashion.


“As a nation, we cannot continue to have a never-ending holding pattern of inaction,” he added. “It will not only postpone the economic boost and jobs a third runway would bring to the UK economy, but hand rival airports like Frankfurt and Charles de Gaulle in Paris a keen competitive advantage.


“Ministers need to avoid playing parliamentary games with such an important project and put Heathrow expansion to a vote of MPs as soon as possible.


“The UK is a world leader in aviation and aerospace,” Richardson went on to say. “We urge MPs from all political parties to back growth for the UK economy and vote for Heathrow’s expansion to create and maintain high quality jobs.”


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