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Back UK steel charter call

Government and manufacturers urged to back UK steel charter to boost jobs
Alex Flynn, Monday, May 20th, 2019

Unite threw its full weight behind the industry body UK Steel’s steel charter which is being launched today (May 20) in Parliament, urging the government and big firms to buy British to boost UK industry.


In addition to pressing ministers and MPs, Unite will be writing to all the major manufacturers it deals with, asking them to sign the new charter aimed at maximising the amount of UK produced steel used in infrastructure and construction ventures.


The UK government is expected to buy £2.5 billion worth of steel over the next five years for rail, roads, schools, hospitals and warships. Unite is backing UK Steel’s call for that steel to be sourced from our shores, with bodies signing up to its charter.


“Unite has long called for the government to use UK produced steel in major infrastructure projects to support jobs and manufacturing communities across the UK,” said Unite national officer for steel Tony Brady.


“The need and the sense of urgency for this to happen is only heightened by the current difficulties experienced by British Steel,” he added.


“We would urge the UK government to back this charter and use its buying power to put UK steel at the heart of major infrastructure projects and ensure projects like the Royal Navy’s new Fleet Solid Ships are built in the UK using UK steel.


“The major employers Unite deals with must also play their part. That is why we are writing to all of them asking them to back the UK steel charter and ensure a win, win for jobs, the economy and UK manufacturing.”


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