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Balanced energy policy call

Ending new wind farm subsidies ‘misguided’
Shaun Noble, Thursday, June 18th, 2015

The announcement that new subsidies for onshore wind farms will end from April next year is ‘misguided’, Unite warned today (June 18)



“The UK faces a serious energy supply problem in the near future with the prospect of the lights going off,” said Unite national officer for energy Kevin Coyne.



“It needs to develop all sources of viable and environmentally sustainable energy, whether it is gas, nuclear, oil, renewables and coal, if that incorporates carbon capture and storage.



“Wind provided 14 per cent of the UK’s energy needs in 2014. It is an invaluable component of a balanced energy policy which we have long been advocating.



“With the closure of coal fired power stations and with the new generation of nuclear power stations yet to come on stream, it seems misguided to end these subsidies at this time,” Coyne added.


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