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Better than zero flashmob protest

Young trade unionists protest over pay and working conditions
Jody Whitehill, Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

On Friday (August 28) a group of young activists gathered outside trendy bars and restaurants on Glasgow’s Ashton Lane to protest at a multi-million pound chain paying staff below the living wage.


More than 30 trade unionists and campaigners stood outside The Loft owned by G1 Group boss Stefan King with banners saying ‘king of exploitation’ and singing ‘I need a dollar’.


Campaigners say the flashmob protest was sparked by consultations with employees over pay and working conditions.


“Staff working for G1 group are not even being paid a living wage, let alone the minimum wage. It’s deplorable and has to stop,” said Unite’s Colin Stuart, who was at the protest.


G1 Group is one of Scotland’s biggest hospitality sector employers with more than 45 venues across Scotland.


Earlier this year G1 was fined after being found to have underpaid almost 3,000 employees by around £45,000.


The STUC launched the Better Than Zero Campaign in April this year at its annual conference.


“Trade unions are here to protect workers from being exploited by their employer,” said Colin.


The campaign, which is led by young people, recognises that being in a union is the best way to be protected at work, but that not every young person is in an organised workplace.


“The nature of hostile bosses can intimidate people and prevent them from being in a union. The Better Than Zero Campaign also helps non-unionised workers.


“With more than one million people in the UK on zero hours contracts we need to keep demanding better and secure work and stop employers exploiting their staff,” he added.


Unite’s Fight for 5 campaign is aimed at securing decent work for all. Every employee should have a wage they can live on, safe and secure work, guaranteed hours each week, training, development and career opportunities and a collective voice and trade union representation.


Learn more about the decent work for all campaign here.



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