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‘Beggars belief’

Unite reacts to asbestos exposure incident in at school Aberdeen
Andrew Brady, Friday, July 20th, 2018

Unite the union has today (July 20) reacted to an asbestos exposure incident at the Bridge of Don Academy, Aberdeen by highlighting previous health and safety concerns raised by union representatives.


A release of a potentially harmful asbestos material within a corridor at Bridge of Don Academy was discovered on Thursday, July 12, where work to improve security is being carried out during the school holidays.


Asbestos materials were disturbed by building service workers during the removal of a panel. However, it took a few working days for Aberdeen City Council’s own risk control team to be made aware of the suspected asbestos exposure situation. The area involved has now eventually been made safe a week after the incident and the materials removed for further examination.


“There is great concern that the workers could be contaminated with a potentially dangerous substance and if the full health and safety procedures relating to suspected asbestos exposure were not followed by management then these workers have left the site and run the risk of contaminating other workers and members of the public,” said Unite regional officer Tommy Campbell.


“Unite representatives have repeatedly made our health and safety concerns known about previous potential asbestos exposure incidents. It beggars belief that we have yet another serious potentially dangerous situation where the management have failed to respond properly in line with health and safety regulations, and their own policies and procedures,” he added.


“Unite is demanding that a full and transparent investigation should be carried out by the HSE given the number of serious complaints the union has made over the past year to Aberdeen City Council.”



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