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Joy Johnson, Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Sound waves reverberated.  Nation states rewarded

an explosion of celebration.   Medals awarded.

Flags seized.  Hugged around.

Olympians fell and kissed the ground


An explosion of celebration.  Medals awarded

brothers spent, exhausted.

Combat in the sea, on the road

triumph – silver and gold


Brothers spent, exhausted

faster, stronger, commitment never wavered.

As they collapse

Alistair and Johnny caress


Faster, stronger, commitment never wavered.

Out of the sky the barrel bomb detonated.

In the night the brothers were sleeping

as all around them was collapsing


Out of the sky the barrel bomb detonated.

A familiar scene.   Aleppo. Buildings.  Citizens.  Devastated.

His small body bloodied.  His feet didn’t touch the floor.

The camera caught eyes blank: How much more? How much more?


A familiar scene. Aleppo.  Buildings.  Citizens.  Devastated.

Civilisation brutalised.  Yet again assaulted.

Silently sitting – dusty and bleeding

Not knowing for his brother he will soon be grieving.


Civilisation brutalised.  Yet again assaulted.

Different arenas – half a world divided

Two sets of brothers

belie common endeavours.




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