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Bus dispute settled

Drivers win months-long pay fight
Shaun Noble, Thursday, December 1st, 2016

The five-month old pay dispute involving bus drivers in Weymouth and Bridport in Dorset has been settled.


The deal was thrashed out in talks between senior management from First Group, the parent company of First Hampshire & Dorset Ltd, as well as local managers, and Unite national officer for passenger transport Bobby Morton and shop stewards from the bus drivers.


“This has been a long running dispute; however we have finally hammered out a peace plan that was accepted by our members,” said Morton.


“I would like to salute the solidarity that our members have shown since the first strikes in June and without that solidarity we would not have been able to achieve the current deal.


“Unite would also like to thank the Dorset public for its support of our members which sustained them during this difficult time.


“The drivers are now working normally and Unite wishes to build a constructive relationship with the management of First Hampshire & Dorset as we move forward.”


The terms of the settlement will not be made public.



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