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‘Chicken run’ Christmas workers to strike?

Will ‘poultry catchers’ strike over Christmas holiday working row?
Shaun Noble, Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

We all know that turkeys don’t vote for Christmas – but now Unite ‘poultry workers’ will be voting to spend their Christmas at home with their families.


Feathers could be ruffled as the chicken industry might face ‘serious disruption’ in the run up to to Christmas 2019 should specialist poultry catchers in Suffolk go on strike. The catchers have been told they have to work on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.


Unite said that its seven poultry catchers, employed by Hook 2 Sisters at Eye in Suffolk, will start voting tomorrow (January 23) on whether to strike over working on the three public holidays, and being sacked and reemployed on inferior  terms and conditions. The ballot closes on Friday, February 1.


Unite said that the poultry catchers were a vital cog in the chicken production process as they go to farms in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk to ‘capture’ the chickens being reared in sheds and  put them in crates. The chickens are then taken to factories for slaughter.


“Poultry catching is one of the dirtiest jobs you could imagine – and now the bosses want to deny our members quality time with their families on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. I think the public would regard such a demand as highly unreasonable,” said Unite regional officer Steve Harley.


“It is a very specialist job and our members each have between 15 to 20 years’ experience. There is a shortage of people willing to take on this  unpleasant work – that’s why the management want our members to work 365 days a year.


“They have tried to use machines to do the work of the poultry catchers, but it was found that mechanical devices damaged the wings and legs of the chickens.


“If the strike by the poultry catchers goes ahead, it will cause serious disruption in the production chain – farms won’t have their birds collected at the right time and the production schedules at the factories will suffer.


“When we challenged management to remove this draconian loss of the public holidays from the contract, they simply ended the consultations,” Harley added. “Our members have been pushed into a corner by the high-handed attitude of the bosses.


“The root cause for this situation is the rapacious demands of the supermarkets on the poultry industry to squeeze costs to the minimum.


“The industry needs to act in concert to call a halt to the demands being placed upon it by these retail giants which have scant or no regard for those who work within the supply chains.”


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