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Decent basic rights call

Angry dock workers at Liverpool’s Seaforth container terminal working for Peel Ports have had enough and pictured today (January 13) are Unite members protesting over the atrocious poor conditions and lack of decent basic rights at the busy port.

These include the rights to access clean toilets, rest areas and canteen facilities for visiting workers and drivers.
Concerns have been raised that toilet facilities are appalling given that there are up to 350 workers working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year needing to use them.


liverpool dock protest1

There’s also no provision for hot food after 2 pm or at weekends – as well as no trade union facilities for health, safety and workplace representatives – despite a previous agreement to provide them. Members have had enough.
Over 800 members of Unite, dock workers and lorry drivers, are affected.


Unite regional officer Colin Carr said, “Peel Ports is investing millions making Seaforth the ‘dock of the future’. Yet, although our members are contributing in making this a reality, behind closed doors the company is treating its dedicated workforce badly by having scant regard for their wellbeing and welfare at work.

“This is a priority for us.”