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Don’t gamble – vote Labour

Len McCluskey sets record straight
Len McCluskey, Unite general secretary, Thursday, April 30th, 2015

It’s been interesting watching the Tory media over the election period as they panic more and more as the election draws near.


Distortions give way to outright lies as they seek to sow the seeds of division. Their latest offering, straight from Tory Central Office, is to play the anti-Scottish card seeking to turn little Englanders back to their cause.


Recently, my words in speeches and interviews have been misused in an attempt to aid their cause. So let me explain my thoughts.


In 2013 when there was talk about Labour entering into a coalition with the Lib-Dems, I made it clear that they shouldn’t. My strong opinion was that if Labour became the largest party, but falls short of an overall majority, it should form a minority government.


My views have not changed. Ed Miliband should have the courage of his convictions and implement the programme that he is currently and effectively placing before the electorate.

That programme includes:

  • 200,000 homes a year being built by 2020, putting construction workers back to work and tackling the scandalous housing shortage
  • A freeze on energy prices, helping millions with their bills
  • An end to the hated bedroom tax
  • Ending the Swedish Derogation loophole
  • Making it a criminal offence for bosses to only advertise and recruit abroad for jobs in the UK and jailing greedy bosses who use migrant workers to undercut wage rates
  • Proper inquiry into the disgraceful practice of Blacklisting
  • Calling a stop to zero hours contracts
  • Ending bogus self-employment
  • Taking action to significantly increase opportunities for our youth to take up high quality apprenticeships
  • On tax, putting the top tax rate back up to 50 pence, a mansion tax to help fund the NHS and tax on bankers bonuses, as well as tackling tax avoidance
  • The creation of regional investment banks with a remit to invest in decent jobs within our communities
  • The repeal of the Health and Social Care Act and a start to rolling back health privatisation.


So, my message to all working people is a simple one.


If you want to get rid of the Tories from No 10 then the only way to do this is to Vote Labour.


I say to those who are seeking to vote tactically, in the belief that alliances, which may or may not happen, are the best way forward – don’t gamble – if you do we may still end up with Cameron as Prime Minister.


This is a class issue and millions need to be united so that we can turn back the tide of austerity and the attacks on our communities. Vote for Hope – Vote Labour.


*This article first appeared in Labour List  April 30.


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