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Food fight!

Unite Community fights austerity – with curry
Joe Dukes, Friday, July 31st, 2015

Cooking for large numbers of people often seems a daunting task, but, it doesn’t need to be that way.


Following the tremendous success of last Saturday’s (July 25) Left Fest – whereby free food was served to over 200 comrades on a sunny afternoon, Unite Community Southampton Area has compiled a re-energising recipe. It’s really easy to follow – so why not give it a go?


Mild curry paste

Left and progressive people are not all fiery types, so, when making a tasty all-inclusive curry paste – free at the point of use – readily available for everyone (much like our beloved NHS) it is paramount to consider the needs of all.

Shallots                                               –           500g

Garlic                                                  –           2x bulbs

Turmeric                                              –           4 heaped table spoons

Paprika                                                –           4 heaped table spoons

Tomato puree                                      –           300g

Ginger                                                 –           200g

Other authentic herbs and spices (vague & misleading – like a Tory manifesto)


Like austerity – cutting back on the essentials is a disastrous strategy, therefore, when pounding your paste never scrimp on the essentials. Invest in the future, be patient, take your time – it’s going to be worth it!


Summer vegetable curry

Planning your curry is made easier by imagining a well-seasoned trade unionists; hearty, wholesome, tasty, and (dare I say it) a little saucy!


If (like me) you’re prepared to get a little dirty for the cause, using fresh seasonal vegetables from an allotment is bound to impress your green fingered guests.


Gently fry your paste in a pan, then add your ingredients in the order we’ve listed in the recipe below:


Onions                                                 –           5kg

Celery                                                  –           3 bunches

Fennel seeds                                        –           2 heaped table spoons

Chilli flakes (don’t tell anyone)           –           2 table spoons

Cumin                                                 –           3 heaped table spoons

Cardamom                                          –           10 pods

Parsnip                                                –           6 piece

Chick pea                                            –           8kg

Kidney beans                                      –           2kg

Broad beans                                        –           2kg

Cauliflower                                         –           3x heads

Chopped tomato                                 –           4x large industrial tins

Coriander                                            –           4x bunches

Courgette                                            –           4kg

French Beans                                      –           4kg

Fresh Tomato                                      –           4kg

Season to taste


Cook for approximately 24 hours…. and your food is ready for over 200 people. Voila.


For that all impressive ‘Solidarity Menu’ why not serve your delicious anti-austerity curry on a bed of piping hot rice, Bombay potatoes, papadums, mango chutney, lime pickle, riatta, and sliced water melon?


This is exactly what we did at Left Fest – and it was delicious!




Joe Dukes is part of the Unite Community team.


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