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Ford Dagenham contractors win

Second pay victory for contract workers at Ford Dagenham
Shaun Noble, Monday, August 12th, 2019

A second pay victory for contract workers employed at Ford Dagenham has been notched up by Unite.


More than 300 workers assembling engines, employed by Lineside Logistics at the Dagenham plant, have overwhelmingly voted to accept a one year three per cent pay deal backdated to July 1, 2019.


There are also additional financial improvements to terms and conditions, including £25 a week extra for first aiders and a new attendance bonus scheme.


This latest pay victory follows a three per cent pay deal for 150 cleaners employed by Hamton Environmental cleaning contractors at Ford Dagenham which Unite negotiated earlier this year.


Unite regional officer Matt Smith said, “Following constructive negotiations, we were pleased to have recommended this pay deal, especially as it included additional money for volunteer first aiders and a new attendance bonus for employees which could see an employee with 100 per cent annual attendance rewarded with £500 extra pay.


“The money to reward hardworking volunteer first aiders and the attendance scheme are groundbreaking,” he added. “We would certainly urge more employers to reward those prepared to save lives in the workplace.


“Given the particularly difficult circumstances facing the automotive sector due to Brexit and the abject failure of this government to formulate a comprehensive industrial strategy, this package demonstrates just how important it is for workers to belong to a trade union which delivers for its members,” Smith went on to say.


“This pay victory is the second one that Unite has notched up for workers employed by contractors at Dagenham this year.”


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