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Unite AGS Howard Beckett: Labour presents ‘historic opportunity’ for working people
Ryan Fletcher, Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

Speaking in support of the Free Our Unions composite at the TUC, Unite assistant general secretary Howard Beckett said a Labour government would present an “historic opportunity” to reverse years of attacks on working people and build a brighter future.


He said, “We have finally a Labour leader who is proud to stand on a picket line, proud to give video messages of support to our CWU comrades and proud to be part of our movement. Jeremy Corbyn, as leader, working with the brilliant and inspiring Laura Pidcock , who will soon be the new Secretary of State for the Ministry of Labour.


“They present us with an historic opportunity because they believe that the role of Trade Unions provides the solution to the reversal of cuts, privatisation and reversing the historic fall in wages. They believe that organised workplaces offer jobs for generations, real pay and hope for our young.”


Labour’s pledges

Beckett highlighted Labour’s pledges to repeal the hated Trade Union Act, end zero contracts, legislate for equal pay, bring in sector bargaining to ensure a rate for the job that beats inflation and introduce a real living wage for all workers, including 16 year olds.


He added, “We must follow the language and passion of the wonderful Laura Pidcock. Young people must be shown that Trade Unions present the answer to the lack of hope, inequality and debt.


“Conference there are 30 million working people in the country. They deserve regular work, a decent pay for a decent days work and rights in the workplace. Now is the time for our movement to convince those 30 million that we truly talk on their behalf.”


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