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Ground-breaking agreement

Dock workers’ resolve secures three-year pay deal
Alex Flynn, Friday, July 3rd, 2015

Dock workers working for Blue Arrow at the Port of Liverpool have agreed to a ground-breaking three-year pay deal that lifts the threat of strike action, Unite announced today (July 3).


Members agreed to the package at a mass meeting held this morning at the Seaforth container terminal. The deal ends the proliferation of different contracts of employment which had been viewed as divisive and unfair by the workforce.


The three-year deal includes guaranteed wage increases for the next three years, with a minimum increase of six per cent across the board and further rises, if the port authority agrees a higher percentage increase.


It also stops the erosion of the superior 40 hour contract of employment by aligning everyone to those terms after 12 months employment.


Additionally, the two tier sick pay scheme will end, with 168 members getting an increase in their sick pay entitlement by next month. By the end of August 2017, everyone will be on the enhanced sick pay scheme after six months employment.


The agreement moreover gives everyone guaranteed time off with the introduction of a roster, giving workers at least two days off for every six days worked.


Unite regional officer Terry Teague hailed the terms secured by members willing to stand up for their rights in the workplace.


“This is a ground breaking agreement that brings the pay and conditions of Liverpool dock workers into the 21st century,” Teague said. “The deal ends division and provides security for hard-working dock workers who are central to making the port a success.


“It is testament to the resolve of our members and once again shows that Unite has a real voice in the dock industry by negotiating a modern agreement for a modern port.”


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