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Inflation-busting deal

Unite helps Rolls Royce workers secure pay rise
Ciaran Naidoo, Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Unite has negotiated a pay deal that beats inflation over the next three years for 22,000 workers across Rolls Royce.



The union has agreed an increase of 3.7 per cent for this year (2018). Next year (2019), it will be in line with the RPI (Retail Price Index), with a minimum of 1.5 per cent and a maximum of 4 per cent And then 2020 will be RPI plus a quarter – again, with a minimum of 1.5 per cent and a maximum of 4 per cent.



Unite reached agreement with the company following months of talks. The union also reached an agreement on changes to the company’s pension schemes. Rolls-Royce will keep its final salary scheme open for current active members until at least January 2024.



The company will also, from 2021, increase its contributions to the savings of the 10,000 employees enrolled in defined contribution schemes. Under changes to the scheme pension savings for younger people will also increase.



“Unite has negotiated a three year pay deal for thousands of Rolls Royce workers that beats inflation,” he said. “At a time when pay is falling flat and employers are putting pressure on your conditions it pays to have a well organised union in the workplace to negotiate a good deal on your behalf.”



Rolls Royce employs 22,000 across the UK.



Unite has launched a powerful online tool to help workers secure a fair share of company profits. Unite’s new online tool will mean that in just a few minutes, union reps can generate a professional pay claim.



At the click of a mouse the tool allows union reps to gather the latest up-to-date information from Companies House, the Office for National Statistics and the union’s own database containing the details of tens of thousands of pay deals.



The Pay Claim Generator was designed as part of Unite’s industrial strategy entitled Work, Voice, Pay which is about empowering union members by giving them the tools and support in the workplace to help them win at work.




Find out more about Work, Voice, Pay here.


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