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Save Honda Swindon

Latest pics from the Parliamentary lobby, March 6
UNITElive team, Thursday, March 7th, 2019


GS Len McCluskey signs the petition


Resolute Honda workers


HONDA20 Protest time


Unite AGS Steve Turner address the rally

HONDAkiss3 Unite GS Len McCluskey with European network’s Unite’s Tony Horgan and Belgium’s Patrick Renard


GS Len McCluskey address crowds

HONDAUK&BelgiumUnite rep Andrew Foster with Belgian rep Veronique Debaere


Unite GS Len McCluskey Terry King and his son Eric King

Petition&IanLaveryMP1Chair of the Labour Party, Ian Lavery MP signs up

HONDAandMPs3Unite MPs come out in force for Honda workers

PatrickRenart2Belgian Honda worker and union rep Patrick Renard brings solidarity greeting and support

HONDAgroup3Honda members, Belgian workers, Unite EC members, MPs – all demanding Honda stays in Swindon. You can join them by signing the petition

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Content pics by Stefano Cagnoni


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