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‘Lots of work to do’

After experience of hunger, Karen urges MPs to act
Hajera Blagg, Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Karen Debouze (pictured, right), who has used foodbanks, on her experience of having her benefits stopped for five months:


“What most people don’t realise about people whose benefits are stopped is that there are knock-on effects — it’s almost impossible to get back on your feet even after your benefits are reinstated.”


“For example, I had to go to court to sort out my council tax payments. My credit hit rock bottom during those five months and still hasn’t recovered. My health has deteriorated and my doctor has had to drastically increase my medication.”


“People – the government especially – need to understand what is really going on in this country. They need to stop being selfish and look out for other people.


“There’s a lot of work to do – but the change has to start in Parliament.


– Karen Debouze

Find out how you can support Unite’s Christmas foodbank appeal here.


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