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Clarity call

Unite seeks urgent meeting over future of Moorside nuclear power station
UniteLive, Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

A clarion call for clarity on the future of the Moorside nuclear power station in Cumbria on which thousands of jobs will depend has been made by Unite today (August 1).


Unite is seeking an urgent meeting with business secretary Greg Clark to chart a speedy way forward, including the commitment of public money.


“It is vital for the Cumbrian economy in the decades ahead that we have crystal clear clarity on the future of this project,” said Unite acting national officer for energy Peter McIntosh.


“Thousands of highly skilled jobs in construction and operations, once it is up and running, are dependent on this going ahead in a timely fashion. It will be a powerhouse, literally, for the regional economy.


“We are seeking a meeting with business secretary Greg Clark to flesh out the details of the government’s approach. Such a meeting has become more urgent following the news that 100 staff working on the project have been laid off.


“Underpinning the future success of Moorside will be a government commitment to provide the necessary and appropriate public investment.”


Unite national officer for construction Bernard McAulay added, “Ministers, the private sector and the unions must work together to ensure the successful outcome of Moorside.


“This is vital to delivering on existing and future construction skills’ requirements to construct the next generation of the UK Energy programme to meet the future energy needs in delivering the low carbon environment that the British government has signed up to.”


Toshiba has been trying to sell its stake in NuGen, a UK nuclear company, after French company ENGIE pulled out. South Korean state-owned company Kepco is in the frame as a buyer, but there have been delays in the sale process.


Once built, Moorside is predicted to provide seven per cent of the UK’s electricity needs.


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