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Nuclear jobs

First power plant in a generation to create thousands of jobs
Hajera Blagg, Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Unite celebrates the creation of thousands of jobs and apprenticeships in Somerset as the European Commission grants final permission today (October 8) to build Britain’s first new nuclear power plant in twenty years.

The power plant, to be fully operating by 2023, will be a boon to the local community at Hinkley Point C. The closing of the deal today will signal the creation of 500 new apprenticeships and 25,000 job opportunities over the lifetime of the plant. The construction industry and supply chain in particular will experience a massive boost in the local area.

“Nuclear power is a key part of a balanced, low carbon energy policy,” said Unite national officer Kevin Coyne. “This fires the starting gun on a nuclear renaissance and will hopefully pave the way for more power stations which will, in turn, generate more skilled jobs.”

Unite and other construction unions have also signed an industrial relations agreement to build the new plant. Called the ‘Common Framework Agreement,’ it will ensure that unions which have signed on will be provided with necessary facilities and will be treated fairly as they build the plant. The agreement will further detail how industrial relations will be managed on the project.

Coyne explained that the agreement was ground-breaking in that it will have strict rules placed on the recruitment of workers through employment agencies.

“This agreement is an important step to combat casualisation, as the site will only directly employ workers through Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE),” he added.




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