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Voters can trust Corbyn on EU referendum
Shaun Noble, Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Responding to the speech today (April 14) by the leader of the Labour party, Unite said that voters could put their trust in Jeremy Corbyn’s view of Europe.


“Ordinary people heard today from someone they can trust to be absolutely on their side on the EU debate,” Unite general secretary Len McCLuskey commented.


“Jeremy Corbyn is no European Union cheerleader, but someone who has given a great deal of thought to this country’s place in Europe and concluded that when it comes to the issues that really matter to the lives of the UK’s people – jobs, investment, peace and security – remaining a fully engaged member of the EU is our most progressive option.


“He is, of course, bang on the money to say that not all in the garden is rosy. People want a Europe that puts their interests first,” he added. “Reform is essential.


“But he is also absolutely right that it is our home-grown government and its austerity addiction that is causing so many of the troubles today inflicted on our communities – insecure work, falling wages, a housing crisis and the twin threats to our NHS of slashed resources and this government’s refusal to carve-out the NHS from the monster trade deal TTIP in order to protect it from privatisation.


“Outside of the EU, we will be at the mercy of  a right-wing Conservative government determined to push that agenda still further,” McCluskey argued.


“Even to those who feel let down by the EU, it is abundantly clear that only be staying in the EU will UK working people have any protection against the determined Conservative assault on our rights and living standards.”



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