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Outsourcing attacks on finance workers

Unite’s Phil Jones tells TUC outsourcing “scourge” of finance sector and commemorates Unite rep Mike Dyer
Ryan Fletcher, Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

Speaking in support of a motion on outsourcing in the finance sector at the TUC today, Unite delegate Phil Jones said both have been used to exploit and divide workers.


He said, “Outsourcing and offshoring have been the twin scourges of the finance sector ever since the banking crisis almost a decade ago.
It is claimed that it is far cheaper to employ a third-party company to provide service. But how can that be?


“It is after all the same work being undertaken and by an outside company who must understandably make a profit on the work that they do – so how can it be cheaper? Well the answer is obvious – it is at the expense of the workers.”


Jones said that trade unions can organise and prevent attacks on terms, conditions and pay that outsourcing leads to and paid tribute to the successes of Unite members in the sector, including workplace rep Mike Dyer, who sadly died last week.


Pioneering role 

Jones said, “Our reps and members at Capita have played something of a pioneering role within our union. Most remarkably with repeated nationwide strike action to defend pensions in recent years.


“At the very centre of that action Congress was our lead Rep in Capita, a comrade who many of you may know – Mike Dyer.


“And Congress, if I can beg your indulgence for just a few moments I would like to pay tribute to Mike, as it is my sad duty to report to you that after many months of fighting illness. Mike sadly passed away on Sunday.


“Mike was a stalwart of our sector and our union in Scotland, consistently fighting against attacks to our members terms and conditions through outsourcing. He and his partner Jan have played nothing less than a heroic role in fostering a spirit of militancy and unity exactly where finance workers need it the most.


“Friends, as I conclude–I ask you to support this motion in Mike’s memory and join me in applauding Mike and Jan as a mark of respect, remembrance and solidarity.”


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