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Disenfranchisement plans explained
Douglas Beattie, Friday, September 11th, 2015

Unite has expressed grave concerns over Tory plans to speed up crucial legislation to voter registration.


The campaign group Hope Not Hate is warning that as many as two million voters will be wiped off the electoral roll when the proposed reforms take effect in a matter of weeks.


Under the new system people must register to vote individually, rather than being registered as part of a household or university group. Those who have not re-registered are now set to be removed from the list before Christmas.


Biggest disenfranchisement


The union believes the government is engaged in the ‘biggest disenfranchisement in British history’ with the aim of gaining political advantage because lost voters will predominately be in deprived communities.


The London borough of Hackney will be worst hit, with a staggering 23 per cent of its electorate set to lose out.


Across the capital the figure is seven per cent, and eight per cent in Birmingham. Around Scotland nearly six per cent will disappear from the electoral roll.


Millions missing


The government’s own advisory body – the Electoral Commission – has warned against the move with around eight million potential voters already missing.


There are real concerns that many people around the UK simply do not know about the changes and how they are set to be disenfranchised.


You can see how your region is likely to be effected here and find out what to do to make sure you continue to have the vote.



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