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Radical alternative for change

GS Len McCluskey tells LBC why Labour is workers’ only choice
Hajera Blagg, Friday, May 1st, 2015

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey spoke to LBC Radio this evening (May 1), urging the British people to take stock of the enormously important decision facing the electorate on May 7.


McCluskey offered his reasons for supporting the Labour party, the only party, that, he said, “has a history of working with ordinary working people.” Unite’s leader said that he’d spoken to many people, including Unite members, who were beginning to understand the radical alternative for change that Labour represents.


From saving the NHS to rejecting Tory austerity, from proffering a housing policy that actually addresses the housing crisis to clamping down on exploitative employers, Labour’s vision was one of hope. McCluskey warned that another five years of Tory rule would be disastrous for the NHS, and urged voters not to gamble with their vote.


“It’s only by voting Labour that we will get rid of the Tories,” he said.


Click the links below to listen to the full LBC interview, in which McCluskey speaks about:


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