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Unite joins Labour Roots – ahead of a general election
Ryan Fletcher, Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Unite has urged members who are also part of Labour to get involved with the party’s groundbreaking grassroots campaign in preparation for a general election.


The Labour Roots project, which launched last week in Leeds, gives half a million party members, as well as the public, the opportunity to contribute to a future Labour government’s policies on major issues such as public services, the NHS, education, work, the environment and the “green industrial revolution”.


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said, “This is going to be the summer of Labour Roots. We’re doing discussion groups, we’re doing activity groups, all over the country. It’s communities coming together to look at the issues they face and the huge issues we all face: climate change, environmental degradation.


“These roots will grow and give us the strength to be sustained in government as we radically change and transform this country, because the only way we build political strength is reaching past the siren voices of the mainstream media to people in their communities.”


Labour has also launched a consultation on the “Green Industrial Revolution” and invited businesses, trade unions, civil society groups, Labour Party members and the public to contribute their views on building a sustainable economy.


The consultation will feed into the series of Labour Roots roundtables that are being held across the country.


Unite assistant general secretary Steve Turner urged Unite members to get involved.


He said, “There are strong links between Unite and the Labour Party for a reason – Labour was created from the trade union movement to give working people a political voice. This initiative is a prime example of that and is a chance to join the discussion about how to make a difference to people’s working lives, the NHS, the environment and the other big issues of our times.


“We encourage our members who are also part of the Labour Party to attend these meetings if they can so that they can have their voices heard on shaping the future of our country. In these uncertain times and with the prospect of a general election looming it is essential we come together to build political consensus on how best to the serve the many and not just the few.”


Labour Roots events will be held in Cornwall on 27 July, Bolton on August 17, Hastings on October 19, North Tyneside on November  23, and Birkenhead on December 14.


For more information and to book a place click here.



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