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Resist ‘predatory’ takeover call

Unite warns Unilever over Kraft Heinz’s cost-cutting reputation
Alex Flynn, Friday, February 17th, 2017

Unite said today (February 17) that it was seeking an urgent meeting with Unilever bosses and that the company should continue to resist takeover attempts by Kraft Heinz and its venture capital backers.


“Unite is seeking an urgent meeting with Unilever senior management where we will seek assurances that the company will resist this predatory takeover by Kraft Heinz,” said Unite national officer Rhys McCarthy.


“Unite members make household products which are much loved by UK consumers,” he added. “Kraft Heinz and their backers’ reputation for cost cutting, we believe, will lead to great brands being harmed through job cuts and a never ending drive to push costs down.


“This takeover bid, is we fear, driven by a desire for a growth in sales, not through product innovation and maintaining great brands, but by gobbling up a major competitor and slashing costs to generate a quick buck.


“Unite does not believe this takeover is either in Kraft Heinz workers’ interests or those of Unilever and that ultimately it will lead to jobs losses and poorer products for consumers.”


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