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‘Rock solid’ support

Unite Birmingham bin workers took their first day of strike action today (February 19) — one that’s been described as ‘rock solid’.


Unite assistant general secretary Howard Beckett joined the striking workers on the picket line (pictured above).


Beckett paid tribute to the Unite members who he said “have demonstrated their solidarity and their determination to overturn the injustice of the council making secret payments to workers who did not take part in the 2017 strike action.


“The rock solid support from Unite’s members should send a clear message to Birmingham council’s leadership that our members will not be swayed by threats and are determined to win justice,” he added.


“This strike is of Birmingham council’s making and the solution is in their hands. They need to return to the negotiating table and offer equal payments to Unite members.


“The residents of Birmingham will not thank the council for creating this dispute and then not resolving it.”


Find out all about the Birmingham bins dispute and why workers are striking in the video below: