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‘Historic moment’

Rolls-Royce managers in talks over being represented by Unite
Shaun Noble, Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Talks are being held with Rolls-Royce in the East Midlands about entering into a trade union recognition agreement, covering more than 2,000 managers, with Unite.


This first such agreement for managerial grades with the company would look to cover those managers at the Rolls-Royce aerospace headquarters in Derby and also at the Hucknall sites.


Unite said that the managers approached the union as they felt that they needed  a voice in the workplace and had seen the effective way the union had represented the employees they managed.


“This is a historic moment. The agreement would cover managers across all business areas from procurement to engineering,” said Unite regional secretary for the East Midlands Paresh Patel.


“The managers, after careful consideration, decided that they needed a collective voice in their employment relationship with the company,” he added.


“We hope to build on this solid foundation both in Rolls-Royce across the UK, as well as at other aerospace companies in the East Midlands.”


Unite regional officer Tony Tinley said,“I am very proud that these managers have chosen Unite to be the vehicle for this progressive move. We look forward to a constructive dialogue representing the interests of the managers to the company once the talks have concluded.”



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