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Shot in the arm

Unite GS hails Labour leader’s inspirational speech
Pauline Doyle, Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Reacting to the speech by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn delivered to the party’s annual conference today (September 29), Unite general secretary Len McCluskey hailed it as a ‘shot in the arm’ for British politics.


“Today Jeremy treated us to a different kind of politics and I believe people will like what they see.  Principle, honesty,  fairness and dignity – our lifelong Labour values – are taking their rightful place in the public realm,” Len said.


“He was inspirational – in setting out a new vision for our country he gave our tired politics a a long-overdue shot in the arm.


unite reaction



“Unite members will be especially heartened to hear that Jeremy believes in an active role for government – in protecting jobs, in using investment to build the homes families and young people urgently need and to keep our communities strong,” he added.


“Voters are now hearing a clear Labour alternative to the Conservative austerity project, an appalling dogma that is making our country more unequal, spreading insecurity and poverty – and it is being undertaken as a political choice, by a government wholly-owned by the hedge funds.”


“Jeremy Corbyn drew a clear line in the sand today when he told the Tories that their mindless austerity is an affront to the British people and its time is well and truly up.


“Labour can proclaim with pride that it is the only party of hope and fairness, the party of the people,” Len affirmed. “Labour values will make Britain great again.”


Watch Len’s Tuesday night interview on Newsnight discussing Jeremy Corbyn and what’s next for Labour here.


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