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Solidarity with Cuba

Unite’s Jayne Taylor speaks out on US blockade against Cuba
Hajera Blagg, Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

Speaking in support of a motion on Cuba and the US blockade, Unite delegate Jayne Taylor told Congress on Wednesday (September 11) of Unite’s proud history of solidarity with Cuba.



“Unite moved the motion in support of the Miami Five at Congress in 2008,” she explained. “And I am proud of the role that the British trade union movement played in the campaign for their freedom and the longstanding bonds of friendship that we have all maintained with Cuban workers.



“Unite and other unions will be hosting representatives from Cuban unions for a week of exchanges with British workers at the Unions for Cuba conference in November,” Jayne added. “I would urge those of you not already involved to support the Cuba Solidarity Campaign who are organising this event.”



Jayne hailed the CTC, Cuba’s equivalent of the TUC, and the Cuban Revolution, which “not only prioritised the health and education of its own people, but through its inspirational internationalism transformed the lives of millions of people across world.

“These achievements are inspirational in themselves, but when you know they have been carried out by a small island, with no few natural resources or wealth, in the face of a 57 year old US blocked they are quite staggering.”



She said that the only response now to the US’s aggressive and interventionist foreign policy, in a blockade ramped up by President Donald Trump to “unprecedented levels” is through internationalism.



“Congress, by supporting motion 74 we will be sending a clear message to the Cuban people that they are not alone and can not be isolated by the US policy of aggression,” she said.



The motion was carried.


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