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Stop LGBT bullying

Unite’s Phil Jones calls for greater powers to tackle workplace bullying
Ryan Fletcher, Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Addressing the Labour Party conference during the equalities debate, Unite delegate Phil Jones highlighted the toll bullying takes on the mental health of LGBT workers and called for better powers to tackle the issue.


He said, “Stonewall research shows that one in five lesbian, gay and bi employees have experienced verbal bullying because of their sexual orientation in the last five years while over 10 per cent of trans people experienced being verbally abused and six per cent were physically assaulted at work.


“Harassment and bullying in the workplace can negatively affect the well-being of all workers, particularly those more prone to mental health related illnesses such as women and members of the LGBT community, and their professional performance.”


Jones said that if such bullying is not tackled it can also have “very serious consequences” for individuals and colleagues who witness it.


He added, “This can negatively affect the organisation as a whole and undermine the confidence of everyone. Although the Equalities Act 2010 offers protection to everyone with a protected characteristic in respect of harassment, bullying is not included in any legislation.”


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