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Take heart comrades

Union movement is a powerful resistance to Bill
Amanda Campbell, Monday, September 14th, 2015

Don’t let the Tory ‘schoolboy bullies’ get you too despondent – was Unite general secretary Len McCluskey’s message to a packed fringe meeting on the trade union Bill.



The Institute of Employment Rights’ fringe last night (September 13) featured leading experts and speakers including John Hendy QC, Professor Keith Ewing and Len McCluskey.  New shadow chancellor John McDonnell spoke as did new SNP MP, Chris Stephens.



In his contribution Len stressed his concerns over the need for secure workplace balloting. He said, “We need to place secure workplace balloting much higher up on the agenda.”



Len explained that provision currently existed for secure workplace ballots in certain situations – and the turnout was always higher than for out-dated postal ballots.  Len challenged prime minister David Cameron to explore this method of balloting further with the trade unions – that is if they were really serious about getting higher levels of turnouts.



He said, “We’re not seeking confrontation with the government – but if the government is intent on taking us on they’ll find a powerful resistance is there.



“Don’t get too despondent. If the government applied its own threshold to its election result it wouldn’t be in power. It was elected by just 24 per cent of the whole electorate. And 64 per cent did not vote for this government.



“We will stand up against bad laws. They can never defeat a united working class, a united trade union and Labour movement. Take heart comrades.”





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