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Tories to blame – official

Public blames government for cuts to local services
Molly Barker, Friday, August 8th, 2014

A YouGov poll has revealed that 42 per cent of the public thinks that central government is to blame for service cuts in their area, with 29 per cent blaming local councils.


The current government has implemented cuts to local council workers, cutting 400,000 jobs including slashing services such as refuse collection, street cleaning, traffic enforcement, and school support.


An overwhelming 52 per cent of the public disapproves of the coalition government’s record to date, with 32 per cent approving.
The poll also shows that Labour is ahead by three points, leading at 37 per cent, with Conservatives at 34 per cent, UKIP at 12 per cent, and the Liberal Democrats trailing at 9 per cent.


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