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Total failure

Con-Dems get ‘nil points’ in our test
Amanda Campbell, Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Back in 2010, the ConDem government promised us the world. But did they deliver?


To find out, we’ve drawn up a 10-point exam, which we’ve marked – the facts speak for themselves.


So how did they do?


1. Balanced books?

Since the ConDems came to power national debt is up to £1.4 trillion. George Osborne borrowed more than Labour did in 13 years – overspending by £200bn. The deficit at £80bn shows Tory election pledge to balance the books by this year has failed. FAILED


2. Better standard of living?

Average households in Britain are now £1,600-a-year worse off than in 2010. Despite the Tories promising “no plans” for a tax rise, they’ve hit working families hardest with a surprise 20 per cent VAT hike. FAILED


3. Better off at work?

Workers trapped in zero-hour contracts have soared since 2010 to 1.4m, earning £300 a week on average less than permanent workers. The national minimum wage, at £6.50 an hour, is still far below what’s needed to maintain a basic standard of living. Minimum wage jobs have risen since 2010. FAILED


4. The NHS?

The health and social care act became a £3bn top-down reorganisation failure.

NHS services are stretched to breaking point – since 2010, ambulance response time is 25 per cent slower, staff suffering work-related stress up 40 per cent and the proportion of people able to see a GP in 48 hours has plummeted from 80 to 40 per cent. FAILED


5. Passing the education test?

University students pummelled by £9,000-a-year tuition fees. The number of infants taught in classes of more than 30 pupils skyrocketed by 200 per cent, with over 13,000 primary school children taught in classes of over 40. FAILED


6. Benefits system?

The benefits system has become a costly mess. Thanks to the bedroom tax, half a million households, a third of which are disabled, now pay an average of £700 extra. Over half are in rent arrears. Sanctions have starved claimants, most of who are actually in work. Many forced into food banks. FAILED


7. Families?

Child poverty has soared by 300,000, almost 1m people rely on food banks. 500 Sure Start centres have closed, despite promises to keep them open. FAILED


8. Big Society?

Nearly 500 public libraries have been closed since 2010, 350 youth centres shut and bus services slashed by 50 per cent in some areas. FAILED


9. Housing us?

Millions flounder on council housing waiting lists as house-building slumps to its lowest peacetime level since 1920s. Over 3m young people between 20 and 34 forced to live with their parents – up16 per cent since 2010. FAILED


10. End to sleazy politics?

Sleaze has proliferated under the ConDems. As hedge funds have bankrolled the Tory party to the tune of more than £55m, the hedge funds in turn enjoy the tit-for-tat that’s the hallmark of the politics of cronyism – they were given a tax cut worth £145m by George Osborne in 2013. FAILED



*This article first appeared in Unite Works


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