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‘Scuttling out of the UK’

Unite blasts billionaire Brexiteer James Dyson for moving HQ to Singapore
Ryan Fletcher, Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

Unite has blasted billionaire Brexit extremist James Dyson for moving the headquarters of his company from the UK to Singapore just as Britain gears up to leave the EU.


The move will see the firm, famous for its vacuum cleaners, change its tax base from Britain to Singapore.


James Dyson has been roundly criticised for advocating a damaging hard Brexit while being unprepared to keep his business in the UK.


A statement from the firm said, “All of our manufacturing operations are now in Asia; this shift has been occurring for some time and will quicken as Dyson brings its electric vehicle to market.”


The company’s chief executive, Jim Rowan, denied accusations that move was related either to Brexit or lower rates of corporation tax in Singapore.


Unite assistant general secretary Steve Turner said, “It’s no surprise James Dyson is scuttling his firm’s headquarters out of the UK as fast as he can.


“He’s just another on the list of wealthy right-wing Brexiteers who couldn’t care less about the damaging impact their visions of turning the country into deregulated tax-haven would have on the lives ordinary people.


“MP Jacob Rees-Mogg’s investment firm has set up two new funds in Dublin to avoid ‘considerable uncertainty’ over Brexit.


“Mogg’s Brexiteer colleague John Redwood told investors to avoid the UK as our economy ‘hits the brakes’ and former Brexit minister Steve Baker has ploughed 70k into a firm selling gold as a way to avoid any leave-related financial woes.”


The government’s hashing of Brexit has also caused major UK employers to implement their no deal planning.


P&O has registered its cross-channel ferries under the Cypriot flag, in response to the increasingly uncertain outcome of the government’s Brexit plans, while Sony is moving its European headquarters from London to Amsterdam.


Bentley’s chief executive has confirmed the firm is stockpiling parts and said Brexit could be a “killer” to the company’s profitability, with retailers Pets at Home and Dixon Carphone also building up supplies to mitigate the potential impact of a no deal Brexit crippling Britain’s ports.


Car firms Jaguar Land Rover and Ford have also announced job losses and cut backs linked to Brexit in recent days.


Turner said, “Investment from manufacturing firms – who unlike Dyson make products in the UK – has dried up and panicking companies are now enacting plans for a no deal Brexit.


“Jobs and industry are being damaged by the chaos extreme Tory Brexiteers are causing in their party.


“Actions speak louder than words and the protestations of those super-wealthy ideologues that no deal will be just fine have been exposed for the lies they are.


“For the sake of Britain’s working people we need a Brexit that retains single market access, protects working rights and ensures that the UK is in a customs union with the EU.”



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