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Unite against Trump’s ‘climate chaos’

Unite members shine a spotlight on climate change ahead of Trump demo
Hajera Blagg, Friday, July 13th, 2018

Members of a Unite branch in London, many of whom are green charity activists, protested against US President Donald Trump’s stance on climate change last night (July 12) ahead of today’s march (July 13) protesting Trump’s wider politics.


trump protest1


The Unite members (pictured above) of branch LE524 — activists of Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Farm Africa, Energy Saving Trust, Renewable Energy Association, The Climate Group, and Carbon Disclosure Project, among others — dropped a banner that read “Unite Against Trump’s Climate Chaos: Fight for Climate Justice and Jobs” off Lambeth Bridge near Parliament.


trump protest 3


The Unite members in the charity and non-profit sector were joined by a Unite Community Camden branch in solidarity against Trump, who is a self-professed climate change denier.


Unite LE524 branch organiser Tracey Bent said that last night’s banner drop was a way to shine a spotlight on climate change and environmental issues ahead of the march tomorrow.


“We wanted to highlight Trump’s dangerous attitude towards climate change,” she said. “He’s called it a ‘con job’; under his watch climate change is no longer listed as a threat to national security; and he’s withdrawn America from the Paris [climate change] Agreement.


trump protest2


“Last night’s banner drop was also a way to develop our branch identity,” Bent added. “It was really great to see the diversity at the heart of our branch and Unite Community, which were a great help — we had young, old, gay, a woman in hijab, people from all walks of life really, joining together to say no to the hate and ignorance that Trump represents.”


Watch footage from last night’s event, where Unite rep at Friends of the Earth Aaron Kiely explains the motivation behind the banner drop, in the video below.



And watch out for branch LE524 who will be joining today’s march against Trump. Find out more about the march here.



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